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Hindcast. We’re so excited about the new album that we want to give you an idea of what we’ve been doing while waiting for the full release. Download it and enjoy! We want you to have it as our way of saying thank you for the always amazing support, as well as giving an idea of how the record is going to sound. We can’t say thanks enough times.

So much love,
Joel, Drake, Colby, + Blair

Prairie Sessions.

We met up with some friends last week here in Lethbridge to do a studio performance/recording at the NAAG. This is really cool, because this week CKXU will be airing the songs and interview on its first ever Prairie Sessions. The show will feature half an hour of interview and a half-hour performance, all through the dreaminess of handheld 50mm footage! We played a handful of our favourite songs, and from what we’ve seen so far the videos are really super. You can enjoy a little preview below.