Well, friends. We know it isn’t exactly midnight or anything, but today is the day. April 14th, Flint is officially available for your listening pleasure on Esper Records. We hope you like it. We hope you love it! We are thrilled and blessed to have made this record and have it out for you to hear. If you aren’t able to make it to one of our gigs, head on over to our Bandcamp to download it (or, iTunes etc.). Goodness gracious, we’re stoked.  
So much love,
Joel, Blair, Colby, & Drake  


Well, after much effort and awesome cooperation on part of the Indie Pool team, “Flint” is finally in our hands! It seems all the more real that this record is actually going to be out next month. We are super busy booking gigs and getting everything lined up for the CD release shows. Life is good for The Utilities. We’re very excited to be on the road, playing shows and hanging out with you guys. Stay tuned!

The Utilities

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