New Lyrics.

We’ve been pretty absent on the internets lately. While we make the finishing touches on the songs we’ve recorded for our next release, you can head over to our Twitter page and read some lyric leaks from said songs. Stick around and we’ll be sure to make it worth the waiting and all that.

Drake, Joel, Blair, + Colby


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Hindcast. We’re so excited about the new album that we want to give you an idea of what we’ve been doing while waiting for the full release. Download it and enjoy! We want you to have it as our way of saying thank you for the always amazing support, as well as giving an idea of how the record is going to sound. We can’t say thanks enough times.

So much love,
Joel, Drake, Colby, + Blair

Shake some snow off our shoulders, shake some snow off of the roof.

After a nice Christmas break (hopefully your’s was, too), The Utilities are rapturous for the new year. January and February have some promising shows lined up. We are ready to get out and turn up the amps, suggest hugs, and do that thing we do.
In other excitingness, we are thrilled to see ‘Flint’ on ARGUE JOB‘s handsome ‘best of 2012‘ album list! YES!