Unlikely circumstances gave first life to The Utilities in the Year of our Lord, 2010 – a lifetime ago. Described by Argue Job as what “may be the most exciting young band in Alberta,” The Utilities have an energetic and guitar-heavy live show, showcasing strong songwriting and an affinity for classic folk and rock. Heavy South (2018), their newest and best record, was a challenge to create. Many of the usual suspects that cause bands to falter made themselves known over the course of its creation: band members got married, had kids, finished degrees, moved to new cities. However, unlikely circumstances continue to favour The Utilities; a family-like bond from years spent together and an unwavering belief in their material propels the band to new heights on Heavy South.
Heavy South finds The Utilities sounding relaxed and confident, refining the strengths of their previous releases. Melodic, lyrically-focused folk rock songs are the heart and soul of the record, with a handful of pleasant detours adding colour. These are the warmest recordings the band have released to date; The Utilities dig into sounds of the late 60s and early 70s more seriously than they have on previous releases. Heavy South fixates on weather patterns, work, and relationships, filtered through a prism of poetic lyrics and intertwining guitar lines. Heavy South is an inviting record that rewards repeated listens, perfect for every season.

The Utilities are Joel Stretch, Drake McCheyne, Colby Stolson, and Tyson Wiebe.

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Contact: joelstretchmusic@hotmail.com

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