Hello everyone. Especially Lethbridge, AB. Why? Because, as of this fall, the whole band calls Lethbridge home. This is very exciting for us.
We had a great time on our British Columbia tour last month. Thanks to the venues that hosted us and the friends who came out to listen to us play. It was a short but fun trip, and we are looking forward our next one. A video blog of sorts in honour of our first venture West is in the compositional stages, so stay tuned for that.
On the homefront, The Utilities are incredibly happy to be getting ready to play U of L Fresh Fest Jamboree on September 8th! To kick off the musical celebraish, CKXU is hosting a live in-studio session with us and a couple other Fresh bands on Friday the 7th between 5-6pm. Cool. Tune in for that, and if you’re around Southern AB come on put to Fresh Fest and see us play alongside a bunch of really amazing bands. Can’t wait.

Until then,
The Utilities